The PC Surgeon's Solutions

Here at the PC Surgeon, we like to offer solutions to everyday problems that PC owners often face.
Those problems can often be solved by downloading and installing software that will address your given situation.

One thing that the Surgeon cannot emphasize enough is the use of antivirus software. Purchasing and installing it however is not enough. You must keep your subscription active in order for it to be effective. Most programs today automatically update themselves so the use of antivirus software has become less of a hassle. If you use the Internet or send email, you owe it to the rest of us to keep your computer safe and secure. If you can’t afford to purchase antivirus software, you can always afford to download Avast Antivirus FREE for home users.

The PC Surgeon can come out personally and install or teach you on any program you may want to implement

Sadly, a growing problem on the Internet today is the problem with online predators. The Surgeon’s main rule with children and Internet access is that no child should surf the web without adult supervision. Having a computer with Internet access in a child’s room is just asking for trouble, as can be seen in news articles every day. Keep your computer in an open area where you can supervise what your children are doing on the web.

The Surgeon can come out personally and install or tutor you on any program you may want to implement. If downloading, installing, or using any program becomes an issue for you, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. No matter what level computer user you are, we will be able to explain any program’s use in a friendly and easy to understand method. After all, the Surgeon was just a confused user at one time and can relate to your pain!

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