Helpful & Friendly Local Technical Support

Below is a list of frequently requested services that we offer here at the PC Surgeon. The services you see offered are not a comprehensive and in depth listing but just an idea of what we handle on a daily basis:

  • Operating System Installation
  • Software Installation & Trouble-Shooting
  • Custom Built Warranteed Computers
  • Individual & Classroom Instruction
  • Data Recovery & Backup
  • Virus Detection & Removal
  • Business & Residential Networking
  • Network & Individual Computer Maintenance
  • Network Performance Enhancement
  • Windows Server Support
  • Computer Performance Tune-up
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Data Relocation
  • In-House Service
  • Consultations
  • E-mail Maintenance, Backup & Recovery
  • Network Firewalls
  • Peripheral Installations
  • Third Party Software Support (Antivirus, disaster recovery, Office, ACT!, QuickBooks, Quicken, & PeachTree to name a few)
  • Support for 3rd Party Devices such as Apple & Android devices, tablets and camera / recording devices
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